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Fifth, the domestic channels should have tags and description and outer cartons (overseas channels may be in the box and cloth). Sixth, Origin: Ray-Ban since 1988, had been acquired by Italian eyewear giant LUXOTTICA. Seven genuine price: ordinary paragraph, the online price of $ one hundred eighty seven thirty or forty dollars, limited edition, commemorative edition is more expensive; domestic optical shop ordinary models priced at between 1200-3500 yuan, limited edition 4000 about yuan, when the season changed, some optical shops might promotions. Imitation: a hundred or even a few dozen blocks. Eight, there are signs stamped fake ray ban sunglasses on the metal support BL exquisite pieces of soft transparent nose pads inside. Nine, genuine black frame for enamel, gold is a metal plating process, are easy to fall off baked layer and coating. And after short-term use imitation products on shallow oxide gold. Ten, authentic guarantee, trademark gold, folding-type merchandise listed complete. One year warranty, and ensure that the card specified commodity grade and guarantee card numbers, and other agents have marked Bausch & Lomb's warranty obligations, but this is very easy to give counterfeiters, many businesses collect authentic guarantee, trademark gold Together with the sale of imitation goods, the folding type merchandise and other information listed. XI, labeling authentic, not all Ray-Ban sunglasses have labeling, but such as the classic Ray-Ban lens G15, B15 lenses, are to appear golden labeling, labeling shiny; if the polarizer is red labeling.

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Imitation: Golden labeling bleak, labeling polarizer posted to the general section. People always say the trend is short, classic, timeless, so the trend seems to always be placed in the head of young people, only when it is rare retro resurgence of the classic year caught out again some obscenity. And when it comes to classic, people's minds will inevitably emerge out of the little black dress Chanel, Hermes platinum package, you may wear clothing fashion sense these people have replica ray bans very discount ray ban little, after all, the material base determines the superstructure, buy from these Five of ten people have already Banlaoxuniang. So even though this is the rest of your life eating holding 501 Levi's fake ray bans intention to develop new series in the era of the impact of the market, such as Ray-Ban just casually put a suit on another classic style attracted the influx of people screaming example is very little a. Rare recent series of new pattern just released, it attracted a large influx of people gearing up, as if someone had an interview with model Chunxiao, how to be considered a qualified fashion, Chunxiao consider a moment, he replied that a wave of people must have four basic Ray-Ban glasses near the body of it, so it is not fake ray ban hard to understand why so rare and sought-after pattern-based classes, present it to dilute expensive, not to mention a lot of money or out of print limited edition this year, is always a classic, but always when, who can resist the temptation of this firm. Although difficult to trace exactly where they started from corrective vision glasses, sun shading function product evolved into today's trend of a single product, but one thing must be admitted that Ray-Ban in which acts as an indispensable role .

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Founded in 1937, Ray-Ban mind from the US military in order to prevent the pilot altitude dizziness, so this pair of glasses came followed the pilots around the world, and quality of objectives to create a classic style Ray-Ban is substantially difficult to be broken collision The only excuse to crack, if you want to change the lens, the best way is probably to use a hammer, but want to change a new pair of glasses can only be stolen. And one hundred percent blocking harmful UV rays while applying infrared screening and other harmful buy ray bans rays and the polarizing film technology, finally achieved dominance sunglasses. Although until today, Ray-Ban's largest sales still come from several classic style, about 30% of the whole group, although at the beginning of many years, Ray-Ban is a manufacturer of in all it was a few conservative color and style, can be the star, the influx of people sought to make this veteran has been welcomed by young people. If a brand, a style want to drive from the trend, then the stars, looking for endorsement of the influx of people is essential, but beyond this there is a popular commercial behavior, that is the star, the influx of people willing to buy your home stuff, not spend a single cent, while consumers are more willing to follow this trend, perhaps because there is no flow of money to learn more at ease, do not beat around the bush, Ray-Ban naturally belong to this trend. Then Tom Cruise in Top Gun in a Ray-Ban aviator glasses, to create the most classic pilots, but also to Ray-Ban became a staff, until today Ray-Ban aviator glasses, it is still essential for uniform range of children a single product.